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We offer transformative programs for accelerating young ambitious Entrepreneurs to take their technology business ideas to the next level.

While you're in the early stages of creating something remarkable, we'll provide funding and coaching.

Over the years the question has arisen as to why only 1 in 100 startups has been successful. Our founders, based on their experience, have come up with various reasons for this. Reaching smart Money but not accessing the right market to sell their products without a powerful business model is of prime importance.
Why shouldn’t the rate of success be much higher? And so the dream of Roots Advisory and Ankaref came into being. These two successful and pioneering companies from different countries joined forces.

Our Story

Who are they?

ROOTS Advisory GmbH is a Frankfurt based independent consulting firm.

Founded in August 2016, the firm advises its clients on M&A/Corporate Finance transactions in the mid-cap segment.

The team of ROOTS ADVISORY has extensive experience and has built up an impressive track record over many years in Corporate Finance and M&A.

ANKAREF, which was established in 2007 to produce solutions in the Internet of Things (IoT), took important steps towards becoming an 'IoT Service Provider' with its successful projects in a short time and became one of the most important representatives of the sector..

Roots Advisory offers the financial aspect and global growth story, while Ankaref offers the technology and the powerful business model. The merger of the above-mentioned gives you Roots-Labs

What Roots-Labs offer

Roots-Labs founded on a depth of experience and a dream, enlightens early-stage entrepreneurs, offering them the opportunity to launch their products on a Global Market on their difficult path of entrepreneurship.

This includes how to scale up their products in a Global Market and meet global challenges, helping them find the funds and the right investment they need along the way.

Why choose Roots-Labs?

Each startup accepted to Roots-Labs has the opportunity to present its business model to the Committee.

This Committee includes mentors from different countries, who guide you to play a successful role on your journey.

Our Team


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